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2022 Palm Giveaway and Easter Egg Hunt

2021 Angel Tree

Northeastern Presbyterian Church members donated money and gifts to make the holidays special for 67 students at Anne Beers Elementary, Brookland Middle Schools, Bunker Hill Elementary, LaSalle Elementary in Washington DC  and Thomas Stone Elementary in Mt. Ranier, MD.  Deacon Katrin Jones and Jennifer Allen shopped, bagged and delivered gifts to schools on Thursday.  We are so blessed that we are able to help those in our community.  Thank you, church members, for your generous donations and your kind and loving spirit!  #Givingbacktothecommunity


2021 Back To School Drive

Once again, Evangelism and Outreach was able to help 3 schools in our area by supplying much needed school supplies for success in the coming school year.  They were: Bunker Hill Elementary, Thomas Stone Elementary and Brookland Middle School.  The drive ran until August 20th. 

Thank you for your donations? We received over $1300 and together with the donations we received, we were able to fill over 30 boxes, 10 for each school.


2021 Back to School Drive



As the world faces a global pandemic and widespread civil discord, the Members of the Evangelism and Outreach Committee are committed to using their energies to actively engage in initiatives specifically targeted to uplift the spiritual awareness of our Church, and to reach out to our community with focused efforts.

The Evangelism and Outreach Committee’s vision during 2020 was concurrent with that of the Northeastern Presbyterian Church which is relying on God’s guidance to fulfill the command of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We continued to promote Christian faith and practice through evangelism, outreach compassion and fellowship in the congregation and the wider community.

The Church wholeheartedly supported the efforts of E & O as the committee initiated and successfully achieved four separate faith based events. 

The committee also sponsored a completely virtual 45th Anniversary Homecoming celebration and prior to that event, held a Food Giveaway.  Of which, distributed three bags of groceries and water to ninety families.