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The Capital Improvement Committee is an organization of the church which was formed to support the mission of the Buildings and Grounds committee in keeping the Northeastern environment a safe and secure place for worship and fellowship. As the church ages, so does its machinery and technology, and it is important that we stay able to meet the needs of the congregation and community.  



In order to uphold this commitment to the church, the committee holds various events to raise funds for specific projects that either need to be repaired, replaced, enhanced or inaugurated.  Some of the projects that we have undertaken include:
  • Installation of the new church organ
  • Replacement of the roof in the education building
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Installation of the security system
  • Replacement of the carpet and flooring in the sanctuary
  • Installation of electronic signage board in the church yard

The Church is currently working to install a Streaming Platform by September 2021.   If you are interested in making a donation towards this project, please kindly click the DONATE button below.