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During July and August, the church will be open for in-person service on the first Sundays only. All other Sundays in July and August will be virtual only which means we all will be tuning in to Sunday morning service via Zoom. So make plans to attend in-person August 7 and partake of Communion. Again, all other Sundays in the two months will be virtual. We will resume in-person services every Sunday in September. 

Look out for ZOOM HOST address Each Week!!!


Tuesday Morning Group Bible Study at Northeastern will recess for the summer months of July and August. Tuesday Morning Bible Study will resume group study starting September 6, 2022.

 A Charge to Northeastern Presbyterian Church

Rev. Dr. Sterling Morse charges the Northeastern Presbyterian Congregation to fully participate in the ministry of our Reverend Willie J. Keaton, Jr.

Please click on the link to read this impactful document. 

Charge to NEPC Congregation

Tributes to Pastor Nancy Thornton

Pastor Nancy was a member of my family… she was a woman of great strength…  It was just a good  time with her… I know that she is at peace now… 

Nachee Miller 

We all went through a lot with Pastor Nancy, We prayed with her, we suffered with her, we celebrated with her, she was with us and we grew with her… 
Charles Barber 
…I’ll miss Pastor Nancy…. She helped my family and myself quite a bit… She prayed with us, held us close and helped us weather the storm… She was a very very good pastor, a excellent speaker,  wonderful administrator. She managed the ship and kept us on course. 
Shawn Thomas 
…Don’t forget the joy she brought. The laughter, she always made you happy. Let us carry that joy with us… to  remember what she brought to Northeastern. 

Shirley Logan 

She was more than a minister to me, she was a friend to me, to my family… She is an example for the things she has been through and has survived this long…. May her soul rest in peace and may we always remember the good things about her… 

Blossom Roach 

…I miss her; she set me off on a good path… God bless her, I hope the Lord is keeping her and watching over her… I will always be indebted to her…. 

Glynis Pegram 

… With Pastor Nancy’s departure, it’s is a hole left in a lot us that in some ways we won’t know until the future… May God rest her soul and may we all keep her in our memory. 

Herbert Dixon 

Pastor Nancy and I will always be connected.  She comforted me when I needed to comfort her.  May she rest in peace.

Jennifer Allen






2021 Christmas at NEPC

Members of the Celestial Choir and the Chancel Choir formed the The Combined Choirs of Northeastern Presbyterian Church and presented “SIX LESSONS AND CAROLS FOR THE ADVENT SEASON" on Sunday, December 19, 2021. Dr. Laddie Bell directed and accompanied the choir.

The Lessons were introduced by Ms. Jaryn Gessesse. The readings were presented by Ian Thomas, Bria Cuff, Roderick Hill, Sylvia Samuel, Charles Webb and Natalie Keaton.

It was a beautiful presentation of song and verse so fitting to celebrate the Christmas season.

The church was beautifully decorated by Glynis Pegram-Higgs, Kathy Cuff and Miriam Pegram.

Rev. Dr. Willie Keaton spoke on the theme, Nothing is Impossible with God, extracted from Luke 1:26-38.

The celebration ended with the congregation joining the choir to sing the Hallelujah Chorus, after which treats were provided as a small parting gift.

Christian Education



Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas, Gaithersburg High School student and Youth Member of the Jamison Commission, displays his news article regarding school altercations. He is a staff writer for the Gaithersburg High School newspaper.