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Pastoral Staff

Reverend Dr. Willie J. Keaton


Reverend Dr. Willie J. Keaton was born in   Brooklyn, New York.  He grew up in Waugh, Alabama and East Arcadia, North Carolina. He became an ordained minister in the Presbytery of Philadelphia in 2014.  

Rev. Keaton brings rich experience as a social activist in an array of communities. He has always had a deep passion for those who are not able to speak for themselves. Rev. Keaton has a history of working with at-risk children and vulnerable adults.  He has been an advocate for justice, equality and ending mass incarceration of African Americans.  

Rev. Keaton believes that his calling as a Presbyterian servant is to walk in a manner worthy of the grace he has received and to be an instrument of God's mercy.  Rev. Keaton believes that God is calling him to a community that believes the "Word of God" is foundational and the center of all we do.  He feels that God is calling him to an environment where families can relate to a minister who preaches from his experiences growing up in an urban environment.  He also feels his education and training best suits a church that delights in the teaching of God's word. 

Rev. Keaton enjoys teaching bible study and getting to know the community in and around the church. He enjoys golf, cooking, writing plays, and theater.   He is the proud father of 3 children and 6 grandchildren. 


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